Le Motif is about story – about connecting your story and God's story, and then inviting others to participate. 

Your organization has a unique part to play in what God is doing – in his mission. How are you sharing that story, connecting it to what God is doing, and inviting others to participate with you in it? Good content can inspire engagement, challenge stereotypes, and help people be involved in a different way with the world.

Heather Pubols has been involved in nonprofit marketing and communications since 2000. Her previous communications work included everything from media creation to management to global content acquisition to consulting. She's helped numerous organizations of all sizes around the world to develop improved strategies to tell their stories. Because she lived in four countries and traveled in about 50, she also brings a global perspective to her work. 

If you'd like to develop a communications strategy for the first time or improve what you are already are doing, connect with Heather!


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