God has a mission to redeem this world, and he is calling us to be a part. But much of what he is doing remains unknown, in part, because hundreds of Christian nonprofits do not have adequate communications resources to tell their part in God’s story. This keeps the Church from knowing how they can be engaged.

You can be part of solving this problem! Your gifts and prayers make it possible for Heather to help organizations to tell their story. As a result of your participation with her, she can provide consulting, content curation, training, writing, editing, photography and more to organizations that need it, including those with limited financial means.

If you have communications skills, giving your time and expertise at no or a low charge to work alongside Heather on a project is also a valuable way to partner with her ministry.

Consider joining her ministry partnership team. Learn more about giving, praying or joining Heather to work on a project.


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